Productive Apps within the Workplace


Due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets, Apps have become a prevalent part of technology with an estimated 102,062 million downloaded by July 2015 and an industry sector valued at $34.99 billion globally (Statistia, 2015). Outlined below is a selection of apps that can help improve productivity and creativity in the work place.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an application available on smartphones, tablets and computer formats that enables users to create documents, spreadsheets and presentation in a similar fashion to Microsoft equivalents such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, these Apps also enables collaboration between users such as editing a document which is immensely beneficial when completing a group task in an educational or commercial environment (Murph, 2015).


Evernote is an application available on internet, IOS and Android that allows the user to store imagery, checklists, notes and articles in a database where it can be easily retrieved when required. This would aid people who need to accumulate substantial amounts of information for tasks such as producing reports. Evernote also presents the user with the opportunity to personalise the service such as prioritising tasks and utilising features such as a timer to inform you of crucial events such as meetings and deadlines (Murph, 2015.


Shake is an app that is used within the commercial environment to create and send crucial legal documentation such as non-disclosure agreements and contracted hires between parties that requires a signature. This is highly beneficial since the documents are legally binding and can cut down on expenses such as the transportation of documents between parties and legal representation (Hughes, 2015).

Focus lock

Focus lock is an invaluable to help maintain concentration when in the workplace. This application allows the users to block out certain apps such as Facebook and Instagram and then designate a time when they can reused again. This tool is vital for ensuring your attention is focused on work and not diverted by irrelevant information such as sport updates and social media messages (Bushey, 2014).

App building section

DIY App Building present users with a multitude of opportunities to design their applications that can boost different aspects of the workplace such as profitability and productivity. A crucial benefit of creating your apps is the cost saving benefits and the opportunity to monetise popular applications to large markets.


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