Google Power Searching- Helping Students search the web ?

Google is the world most prominent search engine with over 5,740,000,000 searches are done on an average day globally through Google (Statistic Brain research Instutite,2015) for various forms of information advantageous for students such as news articles and research documents. However google has access to over 30 trillion websites this means that finding relevant information regarding your search entry could prove difficult due to the sheer volume of information available (Koesiter,2013). Fortunately Google has Google Power searching tools, which can be defined as search refinement tools or as google refers them as operators that enable you to thoroughly analyse the search entry and utilise built in features displayed below to narrow your search.


(Source: Business insider,2014)

These filters are an example of some of the invaluable tools Google provides to narrow your search entries to find the most applicable result. Students would benefit greatly by incorporating these tools when sourcing information since it can filter the information so that is accessible from one source. To illustrate its applicability an example is shown below of how the site tool is applied for farmers weekly an agriculture publication and searches related to Asda.

screenshot of google power searching

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The results displayed above outlines how the site feature can focus searches towards one source. In this situation information from farmers weekly related to Asda, this information is potentially invaluable for students when studying an exact topic and also for businesses trying to understand a single industry by only using credible sources such as publications related to that given industry. Google power searching tools have numerous benefits such as refining searches to ensure valuable time is not wasted on misdirected searches and browsing irrelevant information.


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