Benefits of using WordPress as a blogging tool

WordPress is a website creation tool and is utilised by over 25% of existing internet websites and has an estimated 76.5 million users (Smith, 2015). Detailed below is a brief summarisation of the benefits associated with using WordPress to create your website presence rather than competitors such as Google Sites and Tumblr.

Cost effective – Since WordPress is a free piece of software so there are no cost incurred with downloading, installing, using and modifying. WordPress also offers over 2600 WordPress themes and 3100 plugins that are also freely available to users (wpbeginner, 2015). However, it is worth stating that WordPress also offers users a premium package that does incur an annual financial cost. It is highly cost effective for small companies to use WordPress to establish an online presence rather than contracting a computer designer. WordPress is also used by prominent global organisations such as Sony, Ups and eBay (WordPress, Not Dated).

User friendly – unlike other website creation tools, WordPress is laid out in a manner that is friendly to novice website designers such as utilising already existing website templates. It is also relatively easy to initially establish a website presence and this can be achieved in little over 10 minutes. In addition, it requires no knowledge of technical areas such as hosting, domains or servers (Ware, Not Dated).

Search Engine Optimisation friendly – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is actively encouraged within WordPress with all the blogs and sites already optimised for search engines (Steve Watson, no date). This is highly beneficial for commercial companies trying to establish themselves on search engines providers such as Google and Bing.

Social Media and media friendly -WordPress is able to support different mediums of the media such as video, audio and images within your WordPress site (wpbeginner, 2015). This means that your website is not restricted to just displaying word content. This is highly beneficial in establishing and maintaining user interest. WordPress also has the additional features of embedding existing websites such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram Photos onto your WordPress site thus further engaging users.

Various themes– WordPress has a series of themes that are directly applicable for your business for example an artist can display their full galley and portfolio on WordPress. You can also create an online store which can add to the profitability of your business and expose your brand to new consumers (wpbeginner, 2015).


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